Champion Mentors is a fully inclusive service for people living with disabilities from the age of 12 years onwards.

As NDIS providers our focus is on helping our clients develop skills that promote and support social, recreational and community participation. Champion Mentors offers a wide range of high-quality support and care programs covering: life skills, adventure therapy, special interests, recreation and fun activity days.

The skilled and caring team at Champion Mentors is committed to meeting the individual needs of every participant and can develop special programs beyond those listed on our services page.

Champion Mentors is focussed on building a professional team of enthusiastic, empathetic and skilled mentors with a variety of life experiences to better enable us to connect and cater for our clients.

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The team at Champion Mentors have a passion to mentor people of all abilities to help build and develop the skills required to participate and function in a variety of social settings.


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“The Champion Mentors’ team have been nothing short of amazing in their support of my 15-year-old, ASD diagnosed son.  My son is extremely active and can exhibit very challenging behaviours at times. Champion Mentors have been able to get him out there in the community through various outdoor activities; working toward my son’s independence, while still being able to address these behaviours with a caring, professional and responsible approach. Their service has been invaluable for my son, myself and our family.” 

Jake J

Father of participant

“Champion Mentors is an inspiring team of support service providers for growing teens looking for a qualified and professional NDIS provider.

>We moved to the Northern Rivers several years ago with our son, to offer him a country lifestyle, closer to nature and beaches. With our immediate family living outside our region and many overseas, we were seeking a local trusted NDIS service provider, to help our son in his development to achieve his personal goals, interests in life, connection to community and also have heaps of fun on the way.. like his regular adventures kayaking and fishing with his mentors.

Champion Mentors truly live by their name… a team of mentors that are highly qualified to deliver a range of services, and as parents, we are always at ease knowing they have strict policies about health and safety. We highly recommend Duncan Timms and the team at Champion Mentors.”       

D&B Master

Parents of participant

“Duncan and his team have made an incredible difference to my brother’s life. They embraced his enthusiasm with NRL and arranged opportunities for him to meet his idols.

He continues to improve and develop his social skills, which would have been difficult without the help of Champion Mentors. We look forward to his future with your dedicated assistance and passion.”


Sister of participant

“ My husband has early onset Alzheimer’s and really enjoys his weekly outing with Champion Mentors.

He loves to be active and needs to be outside exercising.  However he is a wanderer and needs to be watched over while out walking. He goes on hikes and bush walks with Champion Mentors who provide safe and stimulating activities for him. He really benefits not only from the physical activity but also from the friendly caring company of the staff. He looks forward to his outings and is always happy when he returns from a hike.

Champion Mentors have made a very positive impact on us. “

Wife of participant

“Paramount Adventure Centre Burleigh Heads provides instruction and training to cover basic to advanced climbing skills and techniques. Our programs cater to the skill level and needs of each individual and build core strength and fitness as well as lifting self-confidence.

We enjoy a great relationship with Champion Mentors and their clients that they bring to our gym. We love seeing the smiles our facilities and the Champion Mentors Team bring to the faces of these young climbers. We always look forward to having the Champion Mentors Team and their clients in our gym.”

Justin Mitchell

Paramount Adventure Centre Burleigh Heads Manager

“Champion Mentors provide quality, engaged and inspiring mentoring (support work) to people with disabilities. When we were looking for a support worker for our son, we wanted to find someone who was a young, healthy and inspiring role model. With Champion Mentors, we found a whole team of mentors that meet and exceed these criteria. We have found them caring, professional and dedicated to providing support work. We have had great experiences with mentors at the group days and are very fortunate to have mentor Jem as part of our weekly care network.

Our son has bonded very quickly with Jem, and we are so delighted to have him as a role model in our son’s life. Champion Mentors are easy to deal with and have made our first experience with support work absolutely smooth. We highly recommend them to other families clients in our gym.” 


Mother of participant

“My son Danny who is 14 has been going with Champion Mentors for about 2 months.

It takes a lot to get an emotional reaction from him, when he came home from his first outing, WHAT WAS IT LIKE? I asked.. He had a huge smile on his face, (Job well done).

Third time out (fishing trip) an even bigger smile, and stories about the big one (job very well done).

Thank you very much. Looking forward to many more outings.” 

Stuart West

Father of participant

“I am the parent of two boys mentored by Duncan and the team. The boys love their outings and activities, and I am thrilled to have them supported by a team who model the great attributes of respect, health, humour and self confidence.

As the director of a local plan management and support coordination business I have seen this positive feedback repeated in clients and their families. The team particularly understand young adults who struggle with identity and disability, and this is a gap that has long been unfilled in the disability space.
I cannot recommend Champion Mentors highly enough.”

Tanya Walford

Parent of participant

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