NDIS funded activities with Champion Mentors.

Grab your Mentor, pack your camera and get out and about to seize the day.

New experiences in different contexts help us build capabilities, self-esteem and social confidence. Activities provide opportunities to celebrate achievements and they’re great for general health and well-being too.
Activities and disability are not incompatible. With adaptations and the help of our qualified Mentors, you could safely kayak, fish, hike or surf, chill at the movies or cheer on your favourite sports team.
Our NDIS support workers can assist you to do the things you love, including:
Sporting events
Community markets
Fitness activities
Live music and theatre events
Theme parks
Museums, galleries and cultural events
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Our values.


We respect the dignity, rights, and diversity of every person we support and work with. We treat everyone with kindness, compassion, and honesty. We listen to their needs, preferences, and feedback. We honour their choices and goals.


We empower the people we support to live their life their way. We help them develop skills, confidence, and self-esteem. We encourage them to pursue their interests, passions, and dreams. We celebrate their achievements and successes.

Relationships matter

We value the importance of building and maintaining strong, positive, and meaningful relationships with the people we support and work with. We foster a sense of belonging, trust, and mutual support. We provide opportunities for social and emotional connection and learning.


We recognise the role of community in enhancing the well-being and inclusion of the people we support. We facilitate their social and economic participation and contribution in various community activities. We collaborate with other organisations and stakeholders to create a more accessible and inclusive society. 

Champion mentality

We have a champion mentality that drives us to provide the best possible service for the people we support. We are passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic about our work. We are always learning, improving, and innovating. We are committed to excellence and quality.

NDIS funded activities for people with disabilities:

The benefits of getting out and about with Champion Mentors.

Getting out into the world is one of the best things we can do to build self-confidence and make new connections with the people around us. At Champion Mentors, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live the moment, seize the day and get to participate in the activities they love. Regardless of your disability, your life experience or your age, we’re here to support and empower you to participate in new activities and discover new talents.
Social and recreational activities can directly help you to:
Develop social skills and connect with new people
Learn new hobbies, skills and acquire new interests
Improve your physical health and mental health with an active lifestyle
Achieve long-held goals or ambitions
Have fun and make the most of life
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be joining you on these adventures?

Good question. The answer’s in our name! Our Mentors will be the ones joining you on your activity days, providing support and guidance to ensure you have the best time possible. Think of them as more than just a support worker: they’re friends, role models and advocates who are passionate about helping others in their local community. Our mentors all have the necessary skills and experience to assist the people in their care, respecting your rights, dignity and identity. To find out more about our mentors, you can meet some of them here!

Who can access recreation and leisure activities?

Support is available for NDIS participants who have a reasonable and necessary need for social and community participation activities. Social and recreation support is suitable for people who want to do the things they love, discover new possibilities, and make new friends. To access recreation supports, you need to have it included in your NDIS plan. Champion Mentors offer specialist activities for disabled adults and children, and we are flexible to the needs of our participants.

How do I get recreation and leisure activities in my NDIS plan?

To get recreational inclusion in your NDIS funding, you need to have a planning meeting with an NDIS representative, where you can discuss your goals, needs, support budgets and preferences. You can also bring a support coordinator, a family member, or a friend to help you with the process. You will be required to provide evidence of your need for Recreation and Leisure Activities, such as a letter from your doctor or a support worker. You will also have to consider the type and level of support you need, the location and frequency of your activities, and the outcomes you want to achieve.

What are NDIS group activities and how can they help me?

NDIS group activities are organised events, programs, and gatherings that bring together NDIS participants in a group setting. These activities are designed to encourage social interaction, skill development, and the exploration of shared interests among individuals with disabilities.

What are CB daily activities and how can they help me?

CB daily activities are a type of support that helps people living with disabilities participate in everyday activities that are meaningful and enjoyable. CB stands for ‘Capacity Building’, which means improving your skills and abilities to live your life your way. Each CB daily activity is NDIS funded and provided by organisations like Champion Mentors, who offer personalised experiences, fun activities, and skill development opportunities for their clients.

Some of the day program activities for adults with disabilities you can do with Champion Mentors are:

  • Learning new skills such as cooking, gardening, or art
  • Developing life skills such as budgeting, communication, or problem-solving
  • Improving health and well-being such as exercise, nutrition, or meditation
  • Exploring interests and hobbies such as music, photography, or sports
  • Engaging in social and community activities such as volunteering, joining a club, or attending an event

What are some indoor activities for adults with disabilities?

There are many indoor activities that are fun, engaging, and suitable for disabled adults. Some of the indoor activities you can try are:

  • Adapted sports: These are sports that have been modified to be more accessible and inclusive for people with different abilities. These sports can help you stay active, socialise, and have fun.
  • Art classes: Express yourself through painting, drawing, sculpting, and more while picking up valuable art skills along the way. Arts and crafts can help you improve your cognitive function, communication skills, fine motor skills, and self-esteem.
  • Learning new skills: These are activities that help you acquire new knowledge or abilities that can enhance your personal or professional life. Some examples of learning new skills are taking an online class, learning a new language, or playing an instrument. Learning new skills can help you boost your confidence, expand your horizons, and achieve your goals.
  • Entertainment: These are activities that help you relax, enjoy life, and have fun. Some examples of entertainment are watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or reading books. Entertainment can help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and stimulate your imagination.

Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll help you get there.